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I am writing to remind everyone of certain aspect of behaving and using the Academy classroom. I feel that I have never formally introduced the room and should be responsible for the misbehaviors our group members from time to time. This is important in general but especially so as a courtesy to Shifu Solow, the owner of the Academy of Chinese Martial and Cultural Arts, and the designer of the classroom we are using.

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Several new members have asked what Gu Feng means. It’s a good time to review that again. Literally, Gu means ancient, Feng means wind or style.  In Chinese Culture, Gu Feng is a compliment to someone’s style and integrity. It implies a set of virtues and traits, which include honesty, humility, simplicity, more deeds than words, loyalty to friends, faithful to one’s promises, doing others favor without expecting return, etc.  The closest example I can think of in Western culture might be the Knights of the Round Table.  So we choose this name not so much for what kind of tai chi we do but for the style of our group culture. Hope this helps.