Colin Bauer

I started my martial training in 1995 with the Japanese art of Aikido. My perspective on martial arts in general, is that they are a tool, on a mundane level, for developing self-awareness and more profoundly, self-understanding. The founder of Aikido, Ueshiba Sensei, is quoted as saying there is no enemy but yourself. Masa agatsuagatsu: True victory is victory over oneself. I later realized that for me, Taiji was a more direct route for practicing Masa agatsu, agatsu. I found that practice of Taiji provides tremedous tools for self-develpment as well as helping us to witness our connection to each other and the greater environment we inhabit. I am happy to find this type of dedication from the people at the Gu Feng School. I am grateful to have the opportunity to support the club and its members and to support the purpose of using the beautiful practice of taiji to improve our connections to ourselves and each other.”

picture of Assistant Instructor Colin Bauer