In Memory


Roger was a cornerstone figure in the founding of Gu Feng Tai Chi Club and its evolution into the practice community it is today. Bringing to bear his legal expertise, Roger helped Laura with the legal process of the club’s incorporation.  He was also instrumental in advising Laura with filing the club as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization—one committed to quality education in Tai Chi Chuan—at the turn of the millennium.

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Robin Hodge and Boba Stankov were cherished members of the Gu Feng Tai Chi community.

Boba moved to Boulder from Yugoslavia to study Meteorology in 1967, earning her masters and then working for decades as a research scientist at NOAA and NCAR.  Robin moved to Boulder and worked as an actor for some time, before meeting and then marrying Boba in 1978

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Shortly after the Gu Feng Tai Chi Club incorporated in 2001, Danny attended an introductory class offered by the Club. He continued practicing Tai Chi with the Club for the next twenty years. He found the practice to benefit both his body and his soul.

“Tai Chi is one of the best resources I have in my life for learning to quiet my ego. If my ego is still, my mind and body can work together without interference from ego’s constant chatter;….

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