Boba Stankov and Robin Hodge

Robin Hodge and Boba Stankov were cherished members of the Gu Feng Tai Chi community.

Boba moved to Boulder from Yugoslavia to study Meteorology in 1967, earning her masters and then working for decades as a research scientist at NOAA and NCAR.  Robin moved to Boulder and worked as an actor for some time, before meeting and then marrying Boba in 1978.  He earned a master’s in Business from CU, and worked as an auditor for the U.S. General Accounting Office.

They were complementary personalities.  Boba was lively, adventurous and opinionated and Robin laid back, cool and had questions about everything.  They both enjoyed a good discussion and were clever with a sharp sense of humor.  They loved music, parties and traveling.  But mostly, they were fun to be with.  Everyone felt good when they were around.  They were charismatic, charming and interested in everyone and everything.

They loved tai chi.  Boba said “We have never been associated with any organization.  Gu Feng is the only one.”  Robin wrote “I came to Tai Chi because my wife and I were looking for an activity that we could do together. I stay because I appreciate the beauty of the art, and the camaraderie of the club members.”  Robin’s love to ask questions and discuss Tai Chi; he would have long conversations with Laura and other students.  From time to time Robin had trouble practicing standing because of his blood pressure issue. Laura taught him a QiGong form specific for lowering blood pressure.

Robin and Boba joined Gu Feng in 2007 and were mainstays of the club until they moved to California in 2013.  They brought with them a warmth and appreciation of other people.   The Gu Feng community is a better place having had them as members.