Core Values

Meaning of Gu Feng (古風)

“Several new members have asked what Gu Feng means. It’s a good time to review that again. Literally, Gu means ancient, Feng means wind or style. In Chinese Culture, Gu Feng is a compliment to someone’s style and integrity. It implies a set of virtues and traits, which include honesty, humility, simplicity, more deeds than words, loyalty to friends, faithful to one’s promises, doing others favor without expecting return, etc. The closest example I can think of in Western culture might be the Knights of the Round Table. We choose this name not so much for what kind of Tai Chi we do but for the style and core values of our group.”

Laura Ting, February 2003


1 知人者智,自知者明。
2 胜人者有力,自胜者强。
3 知足者富。
4 强行者有志。
5 不失其所者久。
6 死而不亡者寿。


1 能识透别人,算有智慧;能识透自己,才有光明。
2 能战胜别人,算有力量;能战胜自己,才是真强。
3 知足的人富有。
4 攻克己身、顺道而行的人有志气。
5 持守本相、不失不离的人可以长久。
6 肉身虽死、生命活著的人才叫长生。

 Chapter 33 of
Lao Zi /Dao De Jing
(Lao Tzu/Tao Te Ching)

Laura Ting’s translation
(“He” is used in the unisex sense)

He who knows others is smart/intelligent
He who knows self is wise/enlightened
He who defeats others has force/power
He who overcomes self is strong/better/superior
He who knows he has enough is rich
He who perseveres has will
He who keeps his place/authenticity endures
He who dies but not to perish has true longevity/eternal presence