Roger Stevens

I am a 76 year old lawyer and practice about half days, and I am probably the oldest member of the Tai Chi group. From teen age I studied judo and competed and taught it for many years and hold a 5th degree black belt. I play the piano and love to dance Argentine Tango. I find a high esthetic component inTai Chi, like Judo and dance. I am interested in oriental healing techniques, and the orient in general and have traveled in and lectured on the orient and taught introduction to Tai Chi on cruises. I commenced studying Tai Chi prior to finding Laura and have been with the club shortly after its beginning. I remain amazed at the high level of attainment of the the club members and how much continual challenge is offered. I help instruct because it gives me great joy to see how members progress, especially if I had any hand in their learning. I remain most grateful to Laura, especially, and other instructors for all the help I receive as a student, and am also glad that I have the opportunity to pass on what has been taught to me to others as an assistant instructor.

picture of Assistant Instructor Roger Stevens