Classroom Courtesy (2015)

I am writing to remind everyone of certain aspect of behaving and using the Academy classroom.  I feel that I have never formally introduced the room and should be responsible for the misbehaviors our group members from time to time.  This is important in general but especially so as a courtesy to Shifu Solow, the owner of the Academy of Chinese Martial and Cultural Arts, and the designer of the classroom we are using.

Please notice that the classroom is designed with aspects of a temple.  The center of the shrine has a statue of Guan Gong, an ancient hero warrior, often culturally considered a deity, a “protective angel” or actually more of a role model for the martial artists, representing the spirits of Loyalty, Justice, Faithful/Trust, Wisdom, Compassion, and Bravery.  The Kung Fu group will always run there class facing the shrine. Everyone enter/exit the floor are required to bow to the shrine.

Although our group is operated in a different style, we need to respect the classroom floor especially when others are using it. The specific requirement is that if you need to use the bathroom before our class when the Kung Fu class is ongoing, please use the walking path to enter the bathroom, Do Not get on the floor. If you need to get on the floor, please bow first.

A side note is that Shifu Solow would like to see the chairs available for guests. The Kung Ku students put all of their personal belongs into the change room. We often have too many people to do that, we also do not have visitors other than designated days like today. But I would like to ask everyone to be more conscientious about the tidiness of the personal belongings.Consider bringing a bag and leave things in the bag next to a chair so the chairs are available. Please also respect the office as a place for administrative activities.