Special Class 2017

From Miho Shida:
“Watching the instructor class perform in their shimmering, flowing white silks was like watching flowing energy.
No wonder Tai Chi makes us happy!”

From Bill Clark:
“My overall impression was that the class was well organized, well conceived and well timed. In Laura’s brief talk, she suggested we watch each performance with an eye to how each student had developed the ability to move through the forms by using Yi to direct the Qi  to move the body through the forms. As I watched for this, I noticed that for those who had developed their qi connection, their ability to adjust their ever changing position was done in a relaxed fluid way with each tiny part of the body realigning continuously with respect to their center of gravity or Zhong Ding. Others with less development had to kind of muscle their bodies around to avoid falling over.
My focus while watching special classes prior to this most recent one had been to watch the lead instructors to learn more about how to improve my own execution. This year, by watching all the performers, I gained new and sometimes surprising insights. It was truly a “special” class.”