Tai Chi, An Essential Skill in Stressful Times

“About three years ago I returned to practicing Tai Chi after a long absence. I became a student at the Gu Feng Tai Chi Club and have realized many many benefits. One set of benefits that surprised me was the strength that I got from Tai Chi during a set of family tragedies.  This Spring my wife of 17 years suddenly and unexpectedly died. Two days later my Mother died. And a few weeks later my dog died.

I cannot express in this article the heavy burden of grief that occurs.  The grief has its own schedule and can be overwhelming at times. There are moments to cry and moments lost in some other realm far from the present moment.  I have learned that grief cannot be avoided but that Tai Chi can help mitigate its effects.

The first thing Tai Chi gave me was awareness.  I can tell when I am drifting off.  When that happens I often focus on my breathing and awareness of my feet.  This brings me back to earth and the breathing makes the sadness less acute.

Tai Chi also gives me a break from those thoughts that have been in my mind for a while. When I am doing the form my thoughts stop and I am focused on my body and the movement.  After the practice I feel refreshed and often it breaks the spell of the tough thought I had before I started.

Gu Feng also offers very special friendships.  We all share special interests and the friends are deep on a level I really can’t explain.  I am very thankful that I am a student of Gu Feng and really believe the skills I have learned are helping get through a tough time in my life.  There are many more benefits I could go into but they are for another article.”

Blaise Stephanus