Master Tian Qiuxin – 2017

Master TIAN Qiuxin (田秋信),  a renowned martial artist and a leading 19th generation Chen style master who carries the lineage of CHEN Fake (陈发科) and TIAN Xiuchen (田秀臣), visited GFTCC for 9 days in early September 2017. During this time, GFTCC held intensive training classes and workshops, and enjoyed world class demonstrations of Taiji gong-fu.  Tian Laoshi taught and interacted with the GFTCC students and instructors, and helped us deepen our learning of Taiji. During the short visit, Tian Laoshi taught and reviewed the Beijing Chen Style First Routine and Second Routine, the 13 posture practice, the 56 posture Chen style saber form and push hands. In addition to the key characteristics of Chen style Taijiquan, Tian Laoshi explained and demonstrated martial applications of each and every move in the traditional Chen Style First Routine form. Tian Laoshi’s lively and passionate teaching was contagious. His deep understanding and advanced skills made a significant impact on advancing the Taiji training and teaching at GFTCC.