Director/Lead Instructor

picture of Gu Feng Tai Chi instructor Laura Ting

Laura Ting

Lead Instructor/Director

Laura learned Tai Chi first from her parents while growing up in Beijing. Her formal training in Tai Chi and Qigong started later with Professor Wenzhi Xue. Since 1998, she has studied traditional Chen style and Yang style with several teachers, in particular, Master Chen Xiaowang and Master Tian Qiuxin

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picture of Instructor Rebecca Tsui

Rebecca Tsui

“If I could, I would love to do nothing but practicing tai chi all day and everyday!”

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picture of Instructor Randy Nishiyama

Randy Nishiyama

“Tai Chi has definitely offered me another perspective in life. Practicing the various forms and studying the theory is analogous to Percival in search of the Holy Grail. I am always intrigued by what I learn from day to day.”

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picture of Instructor Graziela Cooper

Graziela Cooper

“I love Tai Chi. It is good for my mind, my health, my posture, it helps my body relax.”

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Katya product update

George Russell

“Tai Chi practice will allow me to continue to do the activities that I enjoy until very late in life.”

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picture of Assistant Instructor Ray Tsui

Ray Tsui

“I am a true believer that there are many benefits for my health both physically and mentally by practicing Tai Chi.”

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Li Fang

“I was always interested in the Chinese martial arts when I grow up in China, and I was lucky to find Gufeng Taichi club around 15 years ago to start my Taichi journey.”

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