Standard Forms

24 Posture Simplified Yang Style Form  二十四式简化太极拳
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This simplified Yang Style routine was composed by a group of renowned Tai Chi experts in 1956, with the support of the Chinese National Sports Committee to encourage popular tai chi practice. Since then, this form has become the most widely practiced in China and now in the West.

22 Posture Combined Form   二十二式太极拳
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Created by our lead instructor. It includes moves from 42 and 48 forms.

32 Posture Yang Style Sword Form 三十二式太极剑
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Created by masters and experts in China in the 1950s. This is the most popular Tai Chi sword form practiced in China and in the West.

48 Posture Combined Form 四十八式太极拳
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Created in 1976 by three Tai Chi experts headed by Professor Men Hui Feng. This form combines postures and applicable movements from Yang, Chen, Wu and Sun styles. It was intended as a more challenging form for those who had already become proficient in the standardized 24.

42 Posture Competition Form 四十二式太极拳
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Created in the late 80’s as a standard mixed style competition form.

49 Posture Wudang Sword 四十九武当太极剑